Let`s Party.
I prefer if you call me Devlin. I`m A pretty cool person, I guess. I`m me. I like when you call me sir. I feel sophisticated. I like to flirt with people. A lot. You should text me, just ask me for my number. <3 I don't bite. I always follow backkk c:









Native Texans will never understand why I hate Texas .

I’ve travelled all over the 50 states and Texas is by far the most Hostile place I’ve ever lived .

Yea ; it’s okay to love your state.
That’s cool; I will defend NY till my death.

BUT Texas is full of the most ignorant hostile people.

then WHY are you here?

Because I can’t fucking leave . Why the fuck else would I stay here

If I could leave I wouldn’t be here.

I’d be home ; in a nice environment .

I’ll buy you a plane ticket back to wherever shawty

I don’t need charity .

I can buy my own tickets.

Money isn’t a factor in this .

then you’re really choosing to be here lol

No I legitimately cannot leave .

You know nothing about me so you can’t tell me whether I’m choosing to be here or not . 👌

Good try though.

I can tell you to shut the fuck up :)

I can do the same ?

And tell you to get the fuck off my post .

Don’t comment on shit you don’t know shit about ; tryna get into people’s private lives

I think it’s funny how people tell me shit that I’m doing .

You’ve never even met me irl.

Get the fuck outta here .